Other GRIP2 features: 64” arc, vented (windproof), auto-open canopy; fiberglass shaft and ribs; pinchless runner; rubberized primary and secondary grips


Grab Control. STAY DRIER. AT LAST! An umbrella designed to battle the elements. With its repositionable secondary grip, the patent-pending GRIP2 golf umbrella uniquely provides:

more flexibility in holding, positioning and stabilizing the umbrella in wind and rain
added comfort, convenience and control
a practical and simple way to stay drier!

GRIP2’s secondary grip can be easily located & locked anywhere along the shaft. And GRIP2 is also used to open and close the umbrella - now that’s convenient!

With GRIP2, the golfer can more effectively keep the canopy properly positioned over head while making it easier to keep the club grip and golf glove dry at the same time. Gripping the umbrella higher on the shaft using the ergonomic grip also reduces strain on the arm and hand, particularly on windy days.

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