STINGR can assist your team in critical areas:

technology & product development support

brainstorming breakthrough ideas

innovating difference-making concepts

capturing critical requirements

generating 3D CAD and SLA models

reviewing design details

developing rapid prototypes


Generate sustainable growth. STINGR personnel have extensive experience pursuing and winning high-tech Government R&D contracts from military and homeland security customers. STINGR can help energize your BD efforts to:

locate and create business opportunities

cultivate customer relationships

generate capture plans

write winning proposals

critique proposals (RED TEAM reviews)

keep programs focused on customer needs


Create a vision plan. STINGR personnel have proven experience developing and implementing strategic plans to achieve aggressive, visionary business objectives. With a record of success, STINGR can help you:

define visionary plans

develop game-changing concepts

achieve rapid results in expanding product portfolios

add new customers


Innovate to lead. STINGR has extensive experience supporting development of leading-edge product concepts for many demanding applications, including: multi-mode missile guidance, landmine detection, standoff IED detection, and through-wall motion sensors for enhanced situation awareness. STINGR is also supporting the transfer of commercial biomedical technology to military applications, and is interested in concealed object detection for a variety of applications.

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